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Woodville, Mississippi: Two toddlers go missing in broad daylight in May, 1992

An innocent enough family and friends gathering in Woodville, Mississippi turned into a nightmare scenario on May 10, 1992 when children from two families were abducted at the same time in what police call a "non-family abduction".

LaMoine Allen

The family of LaMoine Allen had traveled to the Woodville area to attend a Mother's Day church service and dinner from their home in Edgard, Louisiana, approximately 110 miles south on US 61.

After they arrived in Woodville, two-year-old LaMoine and three-year-old Kreneice Jones were playing outside during the gathering.

LaMoine and Kreneice's families were friends. The children were in front of the the Jimmy Jackson Grocery Store, approximately four miles east of Woodville on State Highway 24, with twenty other people.

Kreneice Jones

LaMoine was there with relatives he lived with in Edgard and Kreneice was there with her father; her parents had separated.

At at approximately 4:00 p.m., someone noticed both children missing. Neither have been seen or heard from since that fateful day.

An unidentified blue compact car with a false convertible top, chrome hubcaps and dark-tinted windows was seen in the area at the time the children vanished.

It is not known if the vehicle is connected to their disappearances.

Should you know of the whereabouts of these longtime missing children, you are asked to call the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mississippi State Office at 601-684-2500.

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