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Who killed the hunting lodge caretaker in Mound City, Missouri in 1990?

More than thirty years have passed since John Graves' friend found his body near his Chevy Blazer near Mound City, Missouri.

Law enforcement is no closer to solving the crime they they were on that New Year's Day in 1990, and family members have been critical of the way the case was handled from the start.

Graves was the caretaker of a hunting lodge and police theorize he confronted individuals breaking into the lodge after an alarm went off at the facility located on Hagar Drive, which runs north toward I-29 and south toward Bigelow.

It's thought he drove south on Hagar Drive in an attempt to escape his killers and was forced to turn onto a private road where his body was found. The back window of the Blazer was shot out, consistent with someone using a shotgun, but Graves died from a shot to the front of the head.

It's thought the 41-year-old father of two was murdered execution style and it's possible one person held him while another delivered the fatal shot.

The town of Mound City had a population of less than 1000 people in 1990 and was located in a very rural area at the time.

To date the murder is unsolved and his family has since moved away from the area where John Graves was murdered.

If you have any information about this case please contact the Missouri Highway Patrol in St Joseph,Missouri at (816) 387-2345.

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