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Vanished: Amy Haueter - Fern Creek, Kentucky - January 14-15, 2015

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

On January 14, 2005 then 14-year-old Amy Haueter went to the movie and her mother picked her up and they went home

The next morning she was gone. A chronic runaway in 2005, at first the family thought

she had merely run away again. After there was no word in three days of her whereabouts, they contacted the Louisville Metro Police Department and a Missing Person Report was filed.

Amy Haueter has never been heard from again.

She was last seen at her residence located in the 9100 block of Pine Springs Drive in Fern Creek Kentucky. Amy, a white female, stood 5' height, and weighed 120 pounds with a "thin build." at the time of her disappearance.

2015 age-progressed photo to age 25

Her hair was described as brown in color with brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a pink coat, jeans and black Nike tennis shoes. Her ears and right nostril were pierced and she was thought to be wearing wearing a necklace with a letter "A" charm, a ring on her left hand and a ring on her right middle finger.

Amy has a surgical scar under her left arm that extends to her left breast. Her nose was pierced on the right side, and her ears were double-pierced.

Officials believe Amy left of her own accord and could have been in the local area shortly after her disappearance. Since her disappearance there hasn't been any indication that she got a driver's license anywhere in the country.

If you have any information that might lead to the family learning the whereabouts of Amy Haueter you are asked to call the Louisville Metro Police Department at 502-574-211.

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