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Toddler went missing from porch of rural Louisiana home in May, 2001

On a humid Louisiana morning of May, 15 of 2001, a young mother called police because her two-year-old son had gone missing from her rural home in East Feliciana Parish.

The mother, then 19-year-old Ruby Renee Havard, claimed she left her son, Wesley Dale Morgan, on the porch of the two-bedroom house she was renting on US Highway 63 near the Bluff Creek community when she headed inside to make pickled eggs.

When she went back outside, Havard said, Wesley was gone.

Authorities first searched in an around the house and when that failed to produce the toddler, the search grew to a 5-mile area in and around the woods of the rural home with the help of local firemen. It eventually expanded beyond West Feliciana to all the surrounding parishes. that abutted

The FBI was eventually was notified and the case remains one of he featured Missing Person reports on the FBI website.

Morgan's mother was a nineteen-year-old with a fifth grade education in 2001. Seven years later she was embroiled in a controversary in which she was charged with trying to sell an infant son.

The case was eventually thrown out of court but came to light after Havard made a deal with a couple to allow them to adopt the boy for paying medical expenses and other financial considerations then refused to turn the child over after the fact.

Anyone that has any information on the whereabouts of Wesley Dale Morgan is urged to contact the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office at 225-683-5459.

Age-progressed photo of Wesley Dale Morgan


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