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The forty year-old cold case from western Sequoyah County - Gary Wayne Williams

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

On December 13, 1980, Gary Wayne Williams--who had been working in western Oklahoma-- arrived back at his rural Sequoyah County home near Vian sometime after 8:30 pm.

Around 9:30 pm the same evening, Williams’ wife and children returned home and discovered Williams’ body in the yard near his truck. Williams had been shot several times in the chest.

The weapon used was later determined to be a British .303 caliber rifle. 

During the investigation in the 1980's, it was determined that Williams’ wife, Mavis, had solicited several people to murder Gary; however, Mavis was murdered in the home four months later before the investigation could determine who murdered Gary.

Several years after the murder, Sequoyah County prosecutors filed and later dropped a first-degree murder charge against Gerald Armer after a corroborating witness changed her testimony.

Armer was initially arrested by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation after Galvin Kuykendall Jr., who was 14 at the time of the slaying, came forward alleging he saw Armer kill his stepfather, Gary Williams.

OSBI is the investigating agency in the cold case.

If you have information that might help in the investigation into what happened to Williams, call the OSBI at (800) 622-8017 or the DA’s Anonymous Tipline at (918) 772-7568.

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