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Teen mom and seven-month-old daughter went missing in Kansas City in December , 1993

Jennifer Conroy and her infant daughter, Ashley, were last seen in their hometown of Kansas City on December 14, 1993. Jennifer and Ashley lived with Jennifer's grandmother in the 1000 block of Monroe at the time.

Jennifer told her grandmother they were going to a friend's house and would return in approximately one hour. She brought one diaper and one bottle of baby formula, which was her normal routine when leaving home for short periods of time.

Ashley and Jennifer were apparently accompanied by a male friend at the time. A neighbor saw them getting into a pickup truck. Neither of them have been seen again and their cases remain unsolved.

Jennifer was a fifteen-year-old unwed mother who stood between 4'10 - 4'11 and weighed 120 - 130 pounds when she disappeared. Ashley was seven months old

at the time ad speculation has been that could have both met with foul play over paternity issues, although no one was ever arrested.

If you have any information that night help this 27-yeare-old cold case you are asked to call the Kansas City Police Department at 816-234-5000

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