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Teen disappeared from Tupelo home nearly 28-years ago and left few leads for investigators

The disappearance of 13-year-old Leigh Occhi is one of the most baffling missing persons cases in Mississippi.

Occhio vanished under strange circumstances from her home in Tupelo during Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Her mother, Vickie Felton, returned home on the morning of August 27, 1992, to find Occhi missing and evidence of blood in the house.

Though there were no signs of forced entry, it was clear that a struggle had taken place. Blood stains were found in Leigh’s room as well as on a few pieces of her clothing.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that several of the teen’s personal items were missing, including her glasses, shoes, clothes, and sleeping bag.

Searches in and around Tupelo proved fruitless. On September 9, 1992, Occhi's eyeglasses were mailed to her home in an envelope, addressed to her ex-stepfather; law enforcement deemed this action a ruse to distract detectives in their search efforts.

Age progressed photo to 31-years-old

In November 1993, a human skull discovered in a soybean field was erroneously attributed to Occhi, but this link was later retracted and the skull was positively identified as that of an adult woman who had gone missing in an adjacent town.

Despite interviewing several persons of interest, an arrest has never been made in connection with Leigh’s case.

Anyone with tips or information about the disappearance of Leigh Occchi is asked to contact the Tupelo Police Deprtment at (662) 841-6491.

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