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Stabbed and dumped in broad daylight: Who killed Tammy Lynn Jarvis?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

On May 26, 2001 27-year-old Tammy Lynne Jarvis was found murdered in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Jarvis was stabbed and then thrown from a truck in broad daylight. Witnesses reported that Jarvis stumbled a few feet to the corner after being thrown from the truck.

Despite bystanders rushing to her aid, Jarvis was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital.

Her official cause of death was due to a single stab wound to the chest.

Stories have circulated over the years that some of the witnesses claim that Jarvis was seen being thrown from a white compact truck with a blue design down the side. The truck may have had Oklahoma tags.

Jarvis, who had been living at the Garden Lodge in downtown Fort Smith, was rumored to have been arguing with a man just a few days prior to her death.

According to a witness, the man that Jarvis was seen arguing with, drove the same small white truck (with a blue design down the side) that Jarvis was thrown from on May 26.

According to an article in the Southwest Times Records from June 2017, “The police never even took a proper report”. The article goes on to say, “There is not justice for Tammy, [most likely] because she was a prostitute, and nobody cares to take that case and run with it.”

According to authorities, investigators have interviewed many suspects in conjunction with the murder of Tammy Lynne Jarvis, but her homicide has yet to be solved.

Oddly enough, in 2010, someone created a Facebook page under the name of “Tammy Lynn Jarvis”.

This page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/tammylynn.jarvis.

Why would someone pose as Jarvis on Facebook 9 years after her murder? Could this be an important clue for investigators in the Jarvis murder case?

If you have information about the murder of Tammy Lynne Jarvis, or any insight on who is committing identity fraud by posing as the deceased woman on Facebook, please contact Back Roads Mysteries at backroadmysteries.com or call the Fort Smith Police Department at 479-709-5100.

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