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Simpson County Jane Doe remains an enigma since her body was discovered in 2001 in rural Kentucky

On October 9, 2001, a survey crew found the decomposed remains of a female a short distance off of Interstate 65 North about 12 miles North of the Kentucky/Tennessee State line.

Her death was ruled a homicide, and the Kentucky State Police in Bowling Green need your help to identify her.

Estimated to have been between 25-35 years old and standing between 5'6" and 5'9" at the time of her death, Simpson County Jane Doe left a lot of clues that have led to nowhere in the twenty-years since her discovery.

She had wavy, reddish-blonde or light reddish-brown hair and had previously fractured her right humerus and a rib on her left side. She had a tattoo of an outline of a rose on her left breast, a scar on her right wrist and another unspecified scar on her face. She may have suffered from chronic back problems.

She weighed between 90-130 pounds,

She had previously had children. and had poor dental health with severely decayed teeth.

Time of death has been estimated between August 1, 2001 and October 1, 2001. Indications are she was thrown over a guardrail, down a steep embankment and into a grove of trees by the interstate.

The facial reconstruction was provided by Kentucky State Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Emily Craig and while not an exact replica of the victim's likeness, it does suggest the general shape and structure of her face.

She was wearing a white/tan shirt, blue cotton shorts. and black sandals.. Two rings were found close to the body, one of which investigators suspect is a wedding ring.

Isotope analysis determined the woman had spent much of her adolescence in the Great Lakes or New England regions of the US. Towards the end of her life, she spent more time in the Mid-West or Mid-Atlantic regions.

Someone out there is missing a daughter or a sister or a mother and you may have the missing piece that could bring an end to their searching.





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