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Shelby County, Kentucky officials seek answers in 2019 shooting death of 53-year-old Jon Monroe

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

On December 23, 2019, Kentucky State Police Troopers responded to a call at 638 Southlawn Dr. in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

When Troopers arrived they found Jon Kerry Monroe shot to death just inside the home. Jon Monroe had been shot multiple times.

On that day, Jon Kerry Monroe was with his girlfriend at her residence located on Southlawn Drive in Shelbyville. Around 7:30 pm someone knocked on the front door of the home and when Jon Monroe answered the door, an unknown male shot Mr. Monroe several times at near point blank range.

Jon Monroe died from those gunshot wounds. The shooter left the scene, and the search continues for the person who did it.

"We are still seeking help from the public from Shelby County or surrounding areas," Bernie Napier, Kentucky State Police spokesperson said. "Anybody in the public that has any information regardless of whether they thought it has any value to us or not, we encourage them to call the Kentucky State Police at Post 12 and let us know what that is. You never know, the smallest thing might be the one thing that we're missing or the one thing we need to get this case solved."

If you have information, call 502-227-2221 or, to remain anonymous, call 1-800-222-5555.

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