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She made a wrong turn in south Little Rock in 1993...and has never been seen or heard from since

Pamela Kay Golden

Located about a half -mile south of I-30 in the extreme southern part of Little Rock, the areas in and around Baseline Road have undergone a socioeconomic downturn in the last 27 years. But in July of 1993, the intersection of Chicot and Baseline was a comfortable place for most residents of Arkansas' capital city to shop, dine and work.

Things have changed over the years, Given way to Hispanic-flavored restaurants, parts stores, tire shops, laundromats and a bingo hall, the neighborhood isn't what it used to be. So it's ironic that one of central Arkansas; most baffling disappearances occurred in that area in the "good 'ol days".

Arrow indicates 1993 floral shop location.

On the day of July 23, 1993 a Cabot-divorcee and mother of two made the trip "into the city" to visit with her sister, who owned a florist shop at 7407 Baseline Road, adjacent to the Cloverdale Shopping Center. Pamela Kay (Ott) Golden was going to help a friend move and asked her sister where to find boxes.

Her sister gave her directions to a nearby liquor store, but when Golden left the parking lot she turned in the wrong direction.

She has never been heard from again.

Golden's truck was discovered abandoned several days after she disappeared. The vehicle was parked in a lot a block away from the Cloverdale Florist shop. There was no sign of her at the scene or any indication of a struggle that may have occurred in the vehicle.

Golden's family believes she was murdered, as they don't think she would have abandoned her two children.

Forty-three years of age on the day of her disappearance, Golden stood 5'2" and weighed 120 pounds She was wearing a floral-printed short set, a white gold cluster ring and a wide band ring with holes and a diamond missing from its inset.

Pam was blonde with hazel eyes. Golden's hair was frosted at the time of her 1993 disappearance. She has burn scars on both of her feet as the result of a floor furnace injury. She had pierced ears.

If you have any information tthat could shed light on what may have happen to Pamela Golden you are asked to contact the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office at 501-340-6607.

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