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New Year's Eve party was seemingly the last dance for Memphis eighteen year-old

Kristen Kryszak was last seen after a New Year's party in Memphis, Tennessee on January 1, 2001. She was with her boyfriend, Brent Wolverton, and another man, Josh Anders, when she was last seen. Both men played in "Interstate", a local band, which was performing at the party that night.

Anders stated that after the party, at 10:00 a.m., Kryszak asked him for a ride home. He borrowed a blue 1988 Ford Aerostar van with the Kentucky license plate number CYV100. It belonged to another guest at the party, Bradford S. "Tolly" Toland.

They drove around for four or five hours, but could not find the house Kryszak was looking for, so they went to Wolverton's apartment on Clark Place. When Anders walked up to the front door, Kryszak got behind the wheel of the van and drove away.

Wolverton, however, stated Kryszak went to his apartment that afternoon with Anders and Toland, and the three of them knocked on the door, then left. He said one of them called him at 2:00 p.m. to say Kryszak had stolen the van while they were getting gas.

She has never been heard from again. The day she disappeared was very cold and snowy, and road conditions were poor.

The van has never been recovered. Toland stated he reported it as stolen, but investigators have been unable to locate the report. Kryszak did not take any extra clothing, money or personal belongings with her when she vanished.

She was leading a high-risk lifestyle at the time of her disappearance and was involved with drugs. She had been through drug rehabilitation twice, unsuccessfully.

Kryszak grew up in Indiana, and moved to Memphis at age 16 to live with her father. She dropped out of White Station High School. She had a history of running away from home in both Indiana and Tennessee, but she always kept in touch with her family.

None of her relatives have heard from her since her disappearance, and her Social Security number has not been used.

Although there is no evidence that Kryszak was a crime victim, authorities and her family believe she is deceased. Her case remains unsolved.

If you have any information that might shed some light on this disappearance you are asked to call the Memphis Police Department at 901-545-2677.

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