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Murder in Knoxville basement from 1991 still baffles local law enforcement officials

Fifty-year-old Pauline George was found dead in her West Knox County, Tennessee home on March 7, 1991.

She had been stabbed to death. Her body was discovered in the basement of her Kingston Hills home in Knoxville about 5:00 PM by her boyfriend who was picking her up for dinner.

She had arrived home at 7724 Luscombe Dr. about 2:30 PM after leaving work as an admitting clerk at Park West Medical Center around 2:00 PM.

No murder weapon was found, and no one was ever charged in the crime.

George was divorced and lived alone. She worked an administrative position at Parkwest.

Neighbors had reported seeing an older model light green pickup truck backed into George's driveway around 3:00 PM that day. House

If you have any information, please call the Knox County Sheriff's Cold Case Investigations Unit at 215-2243 or e-mail us at coldcase@knoxsheriff.org

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