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Misty Ann Lowder: Disappeared May 23, 2013 from Pilot Point, Texas

On May 22, 2013, 35-year-old Misty Lowder disappeared without a trace from Pilot Point, Texas. She was last seen around 11 pm she reportedly left a house she was hired to clean.

Cecil Henry "C.J." Stubblefield, whom she'd met a few weeks before her disappearance, had arranged the job. The woman who owned the home, Cheryl Hausenfluk, gave Lowder $100 and she was supposed to buy cleaning supplies and return the next day to finish cleaning. Hausenfluk was the last person to see her; she has never been heard from again.

Misty’s cellphone showed no activity after 8:30pm the night she disappeared despite the fact that she averaged 5,800 text messages per month and carried an extra phone charger in her purse.

The truck Misty was driving was found on May 25, 2013 in the 1100 block of Ft. Worth Drive in Denton, Texas.

Due to Misty’s known drug use and lifestyle foul play is suspected in her disappearance. There are no shortage of theories or rumors regarding Misty’s case, unfortunately though, most of them end with Misty being the victim of murder.

She was living with Stubblefield in his rented home on Country Club Road on the outskirts of Denton at the time of her disappearance; he told her she could stay with him, free of charge, until she straightened out her finances and could afford a place of her own. He stated he was unaware she had a drug problem.

At the time of her disappearance, Lowder was trying to convince the landlord to evict Stubblefield. She planned to move her mother and her children into the residence if she could force him out.

She had also stolen and pawned Stubblefield's ex-girlfriend's jewelry, and she planned to steal his pickup truck and sell it. She offered her brother drugs in exchange for his helping her forge Stubblefield's signature on the title.

Lowder suffered from bipolar disorder. She wasn't getting medical attention for her condition at the time of her disappearance.

She also had a history of heroin and methamphetamine abuse; she'd been addicted to opiate drugs since her early twenties and had been arrested several times.

Lowder had a criminal record for multiple offenses dating back to 2004, including theft, assault, child abuse and fraud. She has four children, but Child Protective Services had taken them in 2012 because of neglect, and her mother had custody. Lowder was only allowed supervised visitation.

Misty had brown hair and blue eyes. Lowder has the following tattoos: a sunburst on her back, a dragonfly on her upper right arm, and the word "forgiveness" on the inside of her left wrist.

Lowder may use the last name Wilder.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Misty Lowder, no matter how small, please contact the Denton Police Department at 940-349-7995. To remain anonymous and possibly be eligible for a $1,000 reward please call the Denton County Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-388-TIPS.

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