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Mississippi Missing: Petal, Mississippi teenager thought to be victim of 1993 homicide

In 1993, the small town of Petal, Misissippi was shocked when 17-year-old Angela Freeman went missing.

The teenager was last seen around 1:00 a.m. on September 10, 1993, talking to her boyfriend in the parking lot of the local Pizza Hut. Less than six hours later, her car was discovered at the Old Mahned Bridge in Perry County.

The crime scene was just as perplexing as the teen’s disappearance. Angela’s keys and purse were missing and her shoes were found outside of the car.

Additionally, the windows were rolled down and there were drops of blood on the interior of the car as well as on the ground nearby. Later DNA testing proved the blood was, in fact, Angela’s.

Angela is not believed to have left of her own accord. She made a car payment and a layaway purchase shortly before her disappearance and bought groceries, which would make no sense if she was planning to run away. She also left behind a paycheck for over two hundred dollars.

Angela's mother and stepfather stated that, although she was not close to them, she would not have left the area without telling them where she was going.

Foul play is suspected in Angela's disappearance. Her family has criticized the police investigation into her case; authorities originally treated Angela as a runaway in spite of the blood found near her car, although they are now investigating the case as a criminal matter.

Her loved ones believe she was murdered and they think they know who killed her (or the identity of the man closest to her abandoned car), but they have not publicly released the individual's name.

A man that was seen washing his truck in Gulfport, Mississippi, is also possible suspect in Angela's disappearance, and was also seen hunting near the bridge where Angela's car was found.

He has never been identified. Angela's family claims to know his identity or the real person who killed her, but they haven't publicly ally released their thoughts.

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