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Louisiana Lost: Natchitoches man left on foot for store in 1996 and was never seen again

418 McDodson Way, Natchitoches, Louisiana

Sixty-three year old Doris Brown Sr. left his residence on McDodson Way in Natchitoches, Louisiana at 8:00 a.m.on a beautiful May morning in 1996.

He was enroute to the store on foot as he often was. He was wearing a brown shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.

He never returned home and has never been heard from again.

Natchitoches Police and other officials in Natchitoches Parish say Brown stood around 6'2 and weighed 190 pounds on the day he went missing.

He had brown eyes and gray hair.

If you have any information on this case you are asked to call the Natchitoches Police Department at 318-357-3810.

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