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Knoxville "Money Man" was killed back in 2010 inside rental home he was renovating

Updated: Apr 18

James Junior “Jim” Hundley, better known as the "Money Man" had a big heart for his community and was known by many to lend a helping hand to those in need.

He earned that nickname by carrying large sums of cash in his front pocket so he could cash checks for those who did not have a bank account. He was often seen driving around in his gray pickup truck around the first of the month as he visited his small rental houses collecting rent, which was often paid in cash by his tenants.

On February 5, 2010 Jim was working on a home at 1714 Mitchell Street, renovating it for new tenants when he decided to spend the night in the house.. Police believe two men — armed with a gun and information gleaned from someone else went there to rob him

When Jimmy arrived the next morning to help his dad he found the door ajar and his father lying on the floor cold to the touch. Once paramedics arrived he learned his father had been shot. It is believed robbery was the motive.

Knoxville police investigators spoke with a witness who saw two men in their early 20’s, leave the residence and get into a car. The duo was described as a "tall white man" and a "short black man"

Eleven and a half years later no one has been charged in the killing. Police believe they know the names of the killers, but lack the evidence and witnesses to put them behind bars.

Hundley was a retired steel worker who lived on a farm just outside of Knoxville. Three rental houses purchased in 2000 in partnership with his son turned into a dozen by 2008. The father-son duo bought property on the cheap, renovated the houses themselves, and rented them out to make whatever profits they could.

Most of the houses were in the low-income neighborhoods Lonsdale and Beaumont, with one in nearby Mechanicsville. One house was an outlier, isolated from the rest at 1714 Mitchell St. Near Ninth Avenue in Northeast Knoxville.

Jimmy Hundley drove there just before 8:30 on the morning of Feb. 6, 2010, to meet his father for another day of work. The son knew something was wrong when he saw the front door slightly ajar, a "big footprint" visible from outside.

The killers didn't take Hundley's wallet, which his wife said contained $800.

Police believe the killers did steal some cash, but aren't sure how much. Hundley's wife thinks they made off with $1,800 he had stuffed in his shirt pocket after withdrawing it from the bank on February. 5.

The family doubts publicity will unearth answers. But they harbor hope that someone will speak out.

"People are scared," Jimmy Hundley said. "They're scared, I understand that. Still, they should come forward. And I hope they do."

If you have any information that might bring a resolution to this decade old case you are asked to call the Knoxville Police Department at 865-215-7450.

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