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Kansas Missing: What happened to the Salina hosiery saleswoman on April 29, 1993?

Kathryn Louise Adam was last seen at 4:30 a.m. on April 29, 1993, at the Kwik Shop convenience store in the 1700 block of west Crawford Street in Salina, Kansas. Security cameras captured her photo as she left the store.

It would be the last known picture of Adam.

Adam, a 35-year-old salesperson for the Legg's hosiery company, then went to her storage unit at Magnolia and Centennial. She kept her hosiery supplies there and would go there daily to load her van for the day's deliveries.

Salina police got involved when Adam's 16 year-old daughter reports her missing.

Adam drove a white full-sized Ford van with "She has Legg's" written on the sides in blue lettering. Later that day, Adam's van was found in the parking lot of Russell's Restaurant at 649 Westport in Salina. The restaurant was closed for remodeling at the time.

The van was blood-soaked on the inside, and it had reportedly been driven 60 miles that couldn't be accounted for. A large amount of blood and some bullet fragments were also found at the storage unit in west Salina, along with indications that someone had tried to clean up.

Authorities speculate that someone attacked Adam when she went inside the storage unit. It appeared they interrupted her in the process of loading the merchandise in her van, leaving the door of the unit open.

Authorities stated there was enough blood to indicate probable fatality.

Police said the suspect was likely someone who knew Adam, her schedule and routine. There was a gate and fence around the storage unit at the time and the person was able to get inside, apparently without any problem. Authorities did search areas around Saline County but never could locate Adam's body.

Adam was separated from her husband at the time of her disappearance and in the process of a divorce.

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