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Good Golly: Someone out there must know Salina, Kansas "Jane Doe" Miss Molly

The saddest of all cases for law enforcement are those involving the death of a child but maybe even more confounding for officers in a death in which the victim is never identified.

A female body was found in a creek off of Interstate 70 in Salina, Saline County, Kansas on January 25, 1986. The victim appeared to have suffered a beating and was then subsequently thrown off a bridge where she drowned approximately two days before her body was found.

The victim, nicknamed "Miss Molly," was estimated to be between twenty and thirty-five years of age at the time of death, stood at a height of five feet five inches tall and weighed 125 pounds.

The victim wore clothing that originated from France: a bra, bikini style panties, stockings, and purple sweatpants.

These items were sold in large U.S. cities, or outside of the country. Other items, such as a nylon bag and a pillowcase were found near the body, but it is unknown if they were owned by Miss Molly.

This decedent may have possibly carried a child before her death, as she had stretch marks on her stomach. Her hair was brown with blonde highlights. She had gray or blue eyes and several visible scars upon her jaw.

She also had an appendectomy, pierced ears and wore false fingernails which were painted red.

Her teeth showed signs of some extractions and braces, some of which had taken place recently.

Anyone who thinks they might have information that would lead to the idenitification of "Miss Molly" is asked to call the Saline County Sheriff Office at (785) 826-6500.

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