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Driving home after visiting her boyfriend, Amanda Tusing was abducted and killed in June, 2000

Twenty-year-old Amanda Tusing vanished after leaving her boyfriend Matt Ervin's house in Jonesboro at around 11:30 pm on June 14, 2000.

Just a few hours later, Matt found her car abandoned along Arkansas Highway 18, five miles east of St. Francis Bridge in Monette. Three days later, Amanda's body was discovered in a rain-swollen ditch near Lake City twelve miles west of where her car was located.

Tusing had been traveling east on the roadway when she was apparently abducted.

There was no sign of sexual assault. Although police believe she was suffocated and thrown in the ditch, the medical examiner could not confirm that. He did determine that she did not have water in her lungs, suggesting that she was dead before she entered the water.

Detectives believe the killer was someone unknown to Amanda. They believe that a man impersonating a police officer pulled her over, lured her into his car and drove near the Big Bay Ditch, where he murdered her.

They believe this man could be a serial killer who has done this before, judging by the lack of evidence found at the crime scene; however, this has yet to be determined as rain may have washed away crucial evidence at the crime scene.

In 2001, Amanda's family asked to have the case featured on the nationally televised Unsolved Mysteries crime show. However, their request was denied because Matt did not want to be interviewed.

In June of 2002, Matt agreed to be interviewed by phone; however, the show refused to broadcast the case unless he agreed to an in-person interview.

Anyone with information about Amanda Tusing should contact the Craighead County Sheriff's Department at (870)-933-4551.

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