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Did Texas weed sales lead to the mysterious disappearance of Montgomery mechanics in July, 1992?

Darrell Glen Calhoun was last seen in Conroe, Texas on July 14, 1992. He was accompanied by his friend, Michael Beaudoin, at the time. They were co-workers at an automobile repair shop in south Montgomery, Texas.

The two men left The Woodlands together in a primer-gray 1979 Chevrolet Suburban with two black doors and the Texas license plate number 655-4RC. The car was pulling a small blue box-type trailer with a silver top and the Texas license plate number 786-BMN.

Calhoun and Beaudoin were supposed to meet two unidentified men at Salty's Bar north of Conroe on FM 1484, in order to sell them marijuana. They never arrived there. They were reported missing by their wives two days later.

On July 19, their vehicle and trailer were found cut into pieces along FM 1725 and Dabney Bottom Road in San Jacinto County, Texas.

Foul play is suspected in the men's cases, which remain unsolved. Their disappearances may be drug-related.

If you have any insight into this 28-year-old case you are asked to call the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 281-297-6507.

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