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Death in Transit: The Mysterious Missing Case of Charles Christopher Dart

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Charles Christopher Dart of Fayetteville, Arkansas, , who went missing on April 9, 2012, has been featured on a regular basis in many missing person reports through the years, but the circumstances surrounding his disappearance are outside the norm for most of these type cases.

Dart, a U.S. Military Veteran, had taken a trip to Florida in his older model blue/green Ford F150 pickup with Arkansas Veteran license plate DV20752 was found broken down and abandoned by Gulf County Florida Sheriff’s Office on his official missing date.

Dart rented a silver in color 2012 Dodge Avenger with Florida license plate 443HXN on May 3, 2012. that was never returned and Enterprise Leasing now has the car listed as stolen.

The Visa credit card he used to rent the car has not been used since. Charles Dart’s bank account continues to received VA disability benefit checks every month, but he has not accessed that account since before May of 2012.

E-mails sent to Dart’s known accounts from the Fayetteville Police Department and from his friends have not been returned.

There is no record of Dart checking into a VA hospital in the U.S.

Dart was 50 years old as of the date he went missing in March, 2012. Described as a white male standing 6 feet to 6 feet inch tall and weighing approximately 175 to 185 pounds, Dart had gray/brown hair which is generally cut short, a gray/brown beard which is generally worn long, and brown eyes.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Charles Christopher Dart, contact Detective David Williams with the Fayetteville Police Department at 479-587-3520 reference case #2012-30880.

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