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Dallas Police, Texas Rangers still seeking information in 1979 death of 7-year-old Elizabeth Barclay

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

On October 23 1979, seven- year-old Elizabeth Barclay, her brother and another unrelated child were walking to a grocery store when an here-to-yet unidentified black male stopped them along Community Drive and Northwest Highway.

The man then grabbed Barclay and according to the two other children, threatened to drown the girl, then jumped into his car with the young girl and drove away.

An investigation began immediately. Dallas police launched an all points bulletin and called in Dallas Police helicopters to aid in a wider search in hopes of finding the girl.

There were other documented witnesses, a woman identified as E.C Landy who said she heard screams from the area and also a Hispanic gentleman who claimed he saw the whole thing.

Four days after the abduction the parents of Elizabeth, Linda and David Barclay held a press conference and plead for their daughter's return. A call was made that night by a psychic however Dallas police determined the information shared by the caller wasn't plausible.

The search widened including a search of the Coppell area and the Trinity River bottom with Dallas Police, Dallas REACT Members and Elizabeth's father David. Nothing was found. Elizabeth's parents had raised $10,000 in reward money in hopes of the safe return of Elizabeth.

A better vehicle description was also put out in an article about the missing girl, the description now read that police were looking for a two-door Buick, and a black male, 5'6 with sideburns. More helicopter searches were conducted to no avail.

On November 18, the Dallas Morning News ran a full page ad in support of finding Elizabeth. The reward had been upped to $15,000 and an updated photo of the girl had also been included. As December descended upon the city, hope was fading. And unfortunately that bit of hope would be struck down during the Christmas week.

On December 21, an unidentified person discovered skeletal remains on a dirt road, off what is now Wingo Way in Wills Point a few miles outside of Dallas.

The Barclay's were informed of this discovery and that they could possibly be Elizabeth's remains. The Dallas County Medical Examiner confirmed that suspicion using dental records. The cause of death was determined to have been gunshot.

The Dallas Police Department maintains an open homicide investigation and is being assisted by the Texas Rangers.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Texas Rangers at 1-800-346-3243.

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