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Cherokee County Unsolved: The 2003 bludgeoning death of 49-year-old Deborah Cordell

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Tahlequah, Oklahoma authorities suspect someone Deborah Cordell knew beat her to death in her Cort Mall apartment in the quaint Cherokee County town almost 17-years-ago.

That’s where her badly-bludgeoned body was found on July 21, 2003. The state medical examiner determined the 49-year-old woman’s death was caused by blunt force trauma.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation was called in to assist with the search for Cordell’s killer. They determined she was attacked inside her apartment during the morning of July 20. They did not believe the killer or killers were motivated by robbery.

Other than that scant information, very little is known about the murder of Cordell.

If you have information about Cordell’s 2003 murder, call the OSBI at (800) 522-8017, or the District 27 District Attorney’s anonymous tipline at (918) 772-8465.

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