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Chattanooga family still looking for answers nineteen-and-a half years after son's disappearance

On Dec. 10, 2000, Joshua Lee Walden's brother was playing with friends in the woods on Missionary Ridge near his family's Chattanooga, Tennessee home when they made a grim discovery.

Josh's 17-year-old sister had reported the 10-year-old boy missing the day before and the East Lake family was searching for Josh with friends, family and police.

Then his brother and his friends found a body covered in leaves near East Lake Park.

Josh was last seen riding his 20-inch Magnum bicycle, which he had painted a dull red, Friday, Dec. 8, 2000 in the 4500 block of 14th Avenue, near his family home. When he disappeared, Josh was reportedly wearing a red shirt and black jeans.

Around midnight, Saturday, Dec. 9, 2000, his sister 17-year-old sister Crystal reported him missing. Police immediately started a neighborhood canvas and interviewing friends and family.

"Anybody who knows anything, please come forward. Bring my baby's killer to justice. You never heal. The pain, the suffering, the emptiness, it never goes away," Josh's mother Ann Walden said in 2001.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Chattanooga Police Department's cold case unit at 423-209-7470.

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