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After the argument, New Orleans flea market owner never heard from again

On August 13, 2011, the usual Saturday morning crowd started showing up at a small flea New Orleans market owned and operated by diminutive 59-year-old v/divorcee Nancy Hawk, Vendors looking to restock their space and customers looking for unusual and discounted items started lining up around 10 am in anticipation of the business opening.

A few hours later, concerned patrons reached out to Hawk's daughter. She called Jeffferson Parish law enforcement officials to report her mother missing and tio this day, no one has seen or heard from Hawk.

The police investigation revealed that the previous evening Hawk and her live-in boyfriend, 49-year-old Jorge Diaz had gotten into an argument at their residence in the 1100 block of Clear View Parkway in neighboring Metarie, which lies slightly northwest of New Orleans on the shores of Lake Ponchatrain.

According to Diaz, during the argument, Hawk went out of the front door of the house, around 8 p.m. got into a green Honda SUV with an unknow person and rode off into the steamy Louisiana night. Diaz told investigators that he searched all their area bars the company frequented late into the night but could fid no sign of Hawwk and eventually went back to the house.

Diaz claimed that he and Hawk had fought verbally on numerous occasions and he didn't call police and report her missing because she had left the residence a umber of times in the past to cool down after their volatile bouts.

At the time she went missing, Hawk stood 5'7" and weighed 130 pounds. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. Diaz told police she was wearing a pink or red shirt and blue denim shorts.

Hawk, who would be 68-years old today, is listed with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff Office as "endangered missing" an foul play is suspected in her case.

If you have any information as to what might have happened to Nancy hawk you are asked to call the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office at 504-364-5300.

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