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Abducted from a lonely stretch of Highway in Oklahoma in 1982, Shannon remains a little boy lost

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Almost thirty-eight years later, and no one really knows what happened to one-year-old Shannon Ketron on June 17, 1982

According to the investigation into his disappearance, he and his mother, Ann Ketron, were driving between Buffalo, Oklahoma and Cordell in her silver 1978 Pontiac when they pulled over on a dirt road on the side of Route 183 so she could retrieve something.

A Caucasian male in a green late-model GMC truck came up alongside them and asked Ann if everything was okay. She said she did not need help, and the man told her she looked like his ex-wife.

Then he knocked her unconscious. When Ann woke up, the baby was gone and he has never been heard from again.

He is presumed to have been taken by the unidentified man.

Shannon's abductor was described as 5'10 and 175 pounds with a dark complexion. He is believed to have taken a green duffel bag out of Ann's car, along with the child.

Ann's husband, Dustin Ketron, was in prison for burglary at the time of Shannon's abduction. Ann took a polygraph test about her son's disappearance, but the results have not been released.

Shannon's case remains unsolved.

Investigating agencies still consider this an active case and if you have any information on the fate of Shannon Ketron you are asked to call the Washita County Sheriff's Office at 580-832-2334 or the Federal Bureau of Investigation at 405-290-7770.

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