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A Lonely Road: The disappearance of Rose Mary West in 1991

Almost 29-years after the fact, it seems that all that remains of Rose Mary West are vacant memories, a grainy driver's license photo and determined members of the Kentucky State Police that refuse to give up on solving a mystery without any clues.

September 10, 1991 would have been a day in which Green County residents woke up to a temperature in the low 80's after a night of drizzling rain and a few splashes of lightening across the Kentucky sky.

Raymond Despain Road is nothing more than a country lane that, over the years, somehow got paved over and given a name that warranted the Giggle Map camera;s to traverse the area from where it intersects with Summersville Road about 11 1/2 mile north of Greenburg. The road runs 6/10ths of a mile in a northwest direction, past twenty-two dwellings and mobile homes and three small ponds before dead ending at 699 Despain Road.

On the morning of September 10. 1991 Rose Mary West was seen walking along a stretch of this roadway near her home in the early afternoon. She was wearing blue shorts, and white shirt, low cut tennis shoes.

Area along Despain Road where West was last seen.

She never returned home and no one has heard from or seen her since that fateful day.

Law enforcement in both Green County and the Kentucky State police agree that there are few details are available in this baffling case. West was known to to a fairly quiet neighbor and investigators have turned up very little in the way of evidence that she had enemies or would have anyone looking to harm her. On the other hand, the remote location of her disappearance on a dead end road with only one way in and one way out would not lend itself to a random abduction by logic.

Rose Mary West would be almost 76 years old if still alive today. At the time she went missing she stood 5'5" tall an weighed in at 125 pounds. Police said in addition to the clothes she wore, she may have been wearing a diamond cluster ring.

If you know anything about what may have happened to Rose Mary West, please call the Kentucky State Police Post 15 at (270) 384-4796.

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